We will soon be accepting submissions – stay tuned.

This is what we will be looking for:

We are a small start-up publisher, instead of devoting resources toward screening submissions, we want the submissions to screen themselves. Share with us your passion and that of your readers.

How many people have read your story?

What was the positive feedback?

What was the negative?

Have you tried submitting it to traditional houses or agents?

How long have you been working at it?

Tell us about the process your manuscript has been through: editing, rewrites, peer review, etc.


Self publishing is an option and there are hundreds of websites that will help do this for a fee.  They are criticized by the traditional publishers because anyone can publish and promote any thing if they have the money.  The marketplace is flooded with terrible stories that no one wants to read.

As a small publisher we know how to prepare the book and get it to market both electronically and in print.  The difference is that we will not waste your time if we do not believe that the book will succeed.